"Brodnick is part advocate, part comedian, and part the girl you want to sit next to on the airplane."

- The Washington Post

available september 12, 2017

After watching too many family members die of cancer, at age 28, comedian Caitlin Brodnick was tested for the BRCA1 gene mutation and tested positive, indicating an 87% chance she'd likely be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. She had a preventative double mastectomy, thereby becoming an everywoman's Angelina Jolie.

Dangerous Boobies: Breaking Up with My Time-Bomb Breasts goes in depth into her experience from testing to surgery and on to recovery. With a warm, funny, and approachable voice, Caitlin tells readers the full story, even sharing what it was like to go from a size 32G bra--giant, for a woman who is barely over five feet tall!--to a 32C. Engaging and open, she admits to having hated her breasts long before her surgery, and enjoying the process of "designing" her new breasts, from the shape of the breasts to the size and color of the nipples.

While Caitlin's primary narrative explores the BRCA gene and breast cancer, her story is also one about body acceptance and what it takes to be confident with and in charge of one's body. Her speaking engagements and comedy routines have shown that the wider topic of breasts, breast size, and personal identity is resonating with younger readers.



everyone loves dangerous boobies

“It takes a special kind of person to turn a double mastectomy into comedy, and Caitlin Brodnick is just that kind of person: a hilariously upbeat woman who happens to have been diagnosed with the BRCA gene, a diagnosis she was determined to beat.


I watched as readers fell in love with her through her award-winning Glamour video series, Screw You Cancer (an utterly Caitlin title, by the way); now I’m envious of everyone who gets to meet her for the first time through her writing. Enjoy!”

Editor-in-Chief, Glamour Magazine

“Brodnick, is part advocate, part comedian and part the girl you want to sit next to on the airplane.”

Washington Post Style Section
September 2015

“Caitlin Brodnick is a charming storyteller, an exceptional writer, and—most important—a survivor.  I’m continually impressed by her chutzpah and willingness to share the candid, nitty-gritty details of her preventative double mastectomy with audiences in a way that is surprisingly hilarious, educational, and inspiring. Surgery stories have never been so much fun!”

Comedian and Author of The New Rules for Blondes (Harper Collins)

“Caitlin and her voice are a breath of fresh air in the cynical, snarky world we can sometimes live in. I’m constantly astounded by her ability to turn life’s more difficult experiences into hilarious and inspiring reflections that make you want to live more in the moment.”

Comedian, Author, and Co-Creator of Comedy Central’s Broad City

“Caitlin is smart and funny and THE person to bring a fresh needed voice to a heavy, scary and ubiquitous topic. She is the Breast Cancer Comedy Ambassador. This book is important.”

Comedian and co-creator of Comedy Central’s Broad City

“Caitlin Brodnick is a fearlessly hilarious storyteller who can find humor in the darkest scenarios. I can’t wait for the masses to be exposed to her talent and wit in Dangerous Boobies.”

Author of Gawky...Tales of an Extra Long Awkward Phase and Long Story Short, the Only Storytelling Guide You’ll Ever Need

meet CAITLIN brodnick

Caitlin Brodnick is a performer on Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre's Maude Night. She performs sketch, standup, and storytelling regularly in New York City. She has written for Glamour.com, and is a blogger for Huffington Post. Her stories have been featured on the MOTH podcast.  

Along with Glamour magazine and Conde Nast Entertainment, Caitlin created “Screw You Cancer,” a six-part online documentary that takes the viewer with Caitlin from decision to surgery to recovery. Receiving more than 7 million views in the first year, the documentary won a National Magazine Award and was the first Internet program to receive an Emmy Award.

Caitlin works closely with the organization FORCE, and Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital as a breast cancer awareness advocate, helping to connect with other women who are BRCA positive. She has also been featured in the New York TimesThe Washington PostGlamour, and more.

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